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    What to Bring (and Expect) to Your Swimmer's First Meet

    Welcome to the Poinsettia Pirates Swim Team!  We have created this list to help you prepare and make it through your first swim meet.  Thank you to Janet Kulig and Stephanie Gauthier for their contributions to this primer.

    Things to bring:

    • Cooler with food and drinks
    • Camp chairs
    • Printed copy of events
    • Small first aid kit (bug bite cream, antibacterial ointment and band-aids)
    • Cash for concessions if you don’t want to pack food
    • Fold up chairs for kids and adults
    • Extra towels (one for each swimmer and one or two extra)
    • Sunscreen
    • Bug spray
    • Flip flops or shoes of some sort
    • Extra goggles...for those that break or are misplaced
    • Swim caps
    • Games or coloring pass the time
    • Sharpie to list events on your swimmer’s body (and yours)
    • Swim suit
    • Umbrella in case of rain
    • Bag for wet items
    • Table (or other electronic device) – CHARGED!
    • Change of clothes
    • Hoodie or light jacket (some nights get chilly)


    • Be patient. A swim meet can be chaotic.
    • Plan to be at the meet for the duration. Delays happen! It’s a part of swim life.
    • Write your swimmer’s events on their arms (also called “marking your swimmer”) at home when it’s quiet, they are dry and no one is sweating or stressed. Some parents do this at about 2 or 3 in the afternoon.
    • When arriving at a meet, if you can drop your swimmers off with their stuff and another adult, if needed, then go park, this is much easier than having to carry stuff.
    • Sonic just off of Fairview Rd is the gathering place after home and away meets.
    • Remind all of your swimmers before every meet to remain in the tent area. They may leave the tent area for restroom breaks or concessions if they check in/out with a tent parents.
    • Don’t be afraid to ask a veteran parent for advice! We are one big family and are happy to help.

    Have a great swim season! Go Pirates!

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